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Deena supported the delivery of Great Britain Cycling Team's Apprentice program as a volunteer over a number of years, directly contributing to the success of many young athletes who've gone on to be National and European Champions.   


She's diligent and hard working, constantly studying the sport and seeking out opportunities to further develop her knowledge to pass on the best advice to the riders she works with. Her background working across a range of sports helps her to always see the bigger picture and find new and better ways to get the most out of people. 

Her passion for cycling and coaching means she deeply cares about all of the riders she works with and is great at understanding them as individuals and helping work out solutions to any problem stopping them from being the best they can be - this has a much bigger and more lasting impact than just following a training plan.

Iain Cook

Foundation Team Leader

Great Britain Cycling Team

British Cycling

sees the bigger picture.






I came to Deena as a new father, trying to find a way to regain some cycling fitness. Deena's coaching meant I could find structure in my riding again and enjoy the competitiveness of racing and training.


Deena's thoroughness as a coach was immediately noticeable from our first consultation. I was impressed with her level of detail in understanding my training needs and turning those into workable plans. She really wants to figure out the right things for you and her honesty ensures you stay on the right course.


For me she struck the right balance in creating sessions that were challenging and enjoyable but also achievable within my own busy work-life schedule. Thanks for the support Deena, you're ace!

Wei Ho Ng

Time triallist and triathlete

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'Deena is friendly and approachable. She creates a good atmosphere on the rides. She is like a friend and coach.'

'Deena is encouraging & pushes us to achieve our best potential.'

'She challenges us and gets the best out of us.'

Youth cyclists (anonymised) 

We have had experience of Deena’s coaching over the last couple of racing seasons. She has been instrumental in training sessions organising racing drills, advising on riding technique & offering valid feedback. Deena has been especially involved with my teenage daughter through the female road rides she has organised. She has created a professional but fun attitude for this young female riders group whilst maintaining and encouraging their enjoyment of riding on the open road. Deena has given tips that can be carried forward in racing and for all their cycling in the years to come.

Natalie Rizzi

(Dedicated!) parent 

a friend.







Having an expert setting training sessions out over the short and medium term is immensely helpful. It provides explicit goals, and removes the uncertainty about how to approach fitness. 


It is also motivational to receive responsive personalised feedback, and to feel that the training regime is being adapted weekly based on sports science. It’s great being able to ask a range of questions about how to achieve improvement and become a better cyclist. Having one to one dialogue really helps. 

Deena is first class in being responsive and sharing skills and expertise, and her positivity and enthusiasm is infectious. She is patient, honest in feedback, and adapts to circumstance as needed.

A few months ago, I would never have imagined I would get to these power levels. Something's working!

Bill Hughes

Masters endurance cyclist

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For our UK Snowsports Coaching Conference, the problem isn’t finding a knowledgeable speaker but finding one who is knowledgeable and engaging to the wide audience that is present.

Colleagues had seen Deena present difficult topics in a way that engaged everybody at some level and encouraged discussion (which is often the most difficult bit).


Before the event Deena asked for the breakdown of our membership and the people attending so she could mould her content to fit.


She really does practice what she preaches. We hope to utilise Deena and her expertise at future engagement events.

Ryan Grewcock

Coaching & Workforce Lead

Snowsport England







fast to adapt.

It was a great pleasure to work along with Deena at the 2019 UCI Road World Championships. She demonstrated strong ability to adapt very fast in a challenging environment to ensure a high standard of service towards the media in presence in Yorkshire.

Hard worker, solution-driven, Deena proved key to deliver a world class event.


Louis Chenaille

Media Relations Officer

The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)