Do I need a power meter?

You do not need a powermeter to work with drivetrain coaching. Powermeters are a good source of information, and it's great if you have one - but they are expensive and not everyone can afford them​. Ideally you will have a heart rate monitor and a cadence sensor. Ultimately, the most important source of data is the feedback you give to your coach -without that, numerical power data has limited value.

Do you use Heart Rate Variability (HRV) apps?

Currently, no. drivetrain believes that it is better to be approximately right than precisely wrong. The potential benefit of this additional data doesn't outweigh the potential costs associated with them, including inaccurate data, and/or consequent assumptions about an athlete's readiness to train. For example, HRV apps do not pick up whether an athlete is injured, and may advise the athlete to train when they should rest. In addition, athletes have reported feeling increased levels of anxiety as a result of an HRV app saying they need to rest when it's a race day.

What is the maximum number of athletes working with drivetrain?

drivetrain is committed to providing every athlete with optimal coaching support at all times. The number of athletes supported by drivetrain will vary depending on the needs of the athletes and whether athletes are being supported in a group format or 1:1.