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From local kids clubs to national coaching conferences, drivetrain knows what it takes to engage, educate and inspire change

Deena is a sports consultant who supports individuals and organisations to solve problems, learn and make positive change happen

group talks & education
building better 
drivetrain group talks and education address the following topics:
  • youth sport
  • girls and women in sport
  • diversity and inclusion in sport
Since the early 2000s, Deena Blacking has been speaking in public about things that matter. Through her background as a human rights lawyer and debater, Deena knows how to engage, explain and entertain an audience.  
Deena has delivered numerous workshops and educational sessions to athletes, coaches and sports staff. In 2019, she delivered workshops on inclusion to over 100 coaches at national coaching conferences in the UK.
Deena's uses her range of experience to inform her talks. She tackles serious issues in a lighthearted manner; her style is personable, interactive, and honest; she will encourage your audience to think outside the box.
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talks & education

Deena presented difficult topics in a way that engaged everybody at some level & encouraged discussion.




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building better environments

From velodromes to virtual meetings, it's hard to perform if your environment isn't right for you. Using research, education, and collaborative action planning for tangible change, drivetrain helps organisations to improve the day to day experience of their people for everyone's long term gain.

Deena has designed and delivered local, regional and national projects to provide better environments for children and adults in sport and beyond. She's seen projects succeed and fail. Positive impact doesn't come from bureaucratic change programmes and publishing policies; positive impact comes from a willingness to learn, adapt, act and - most of all - put your people first. 

If you want to build high-performing environments where everyone wins, drivetrain can help.