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from London School Games to European Championships, drivetrain knows what it takes to reach your goals

Deena, the human power behind drivetrain, is a British Cycling level 3 road and time trial coach and a level 2 track coach

1:1 cycling coaching 
group cycling coaching
Deena strikes
the right balance.
She creates sessions that are challenging and enjoyable but
also achievable.
Time triallist & triathlete

1:1 cycling coaching

drivetrain 1:1 coaching works with juniors and adults who want to reach their next level of performance



    informed by data

  • Your training is informed by your data. 

  • A little bit of quality data is better than lots of bad data.

  • Data doesn't just mean numbers. What's the story behind the statistics? 

  • Verbal feedback and context is vital to making sense of your training.


     adapted to

     the athlete

  • Your plan is unique to you. 

  • Training is built to address your weaknesses and leverage your strengths.

  • Illness and injury are inevitable for all athletes - when things don't go to plan, we adapt and find new ways .


     plan for     performance

  • Training is periodised, polarised, and backed by science.

  • Every training session has a clear purpose; every training block has a clear goal. 

  • Your weekly and monthly training is based on a longer term performance plan for achieving your goals.



  • drivetrain coaches the whole person, not just the cyclist. 

  • Performance consists of many ingredients, including... 

    • Motivation

    • Mental training  

    • Physical education

    • Sleep

    • Nutrition

    • Performance psychology

Anyone under the age of 18 is a child. Coaching for youth and junior athletes is framed within this context.


drivetrain coaching for youth and junior athletes places a primary focus on 'healthy, meaningful and varied life-forming experiences, which is centred on the whole athlete and development of the person'.**


Many of the world's best athletes played lots of sports until late in their sport development (and still do).

drivetrain is committed to best practice for youth and junior coaching and adheres to the following:

coaching youth + juniors


The most useful education for being a professional sports person, pretty much any sport, is an outdoor childhood, whether you want to be a footballer, an ice hockey player or a cyclist.

Peter Sagan

Triple World Champion 2015-2018




drivetrain coaching supports cycling clubs, teams and national sporting organisations to deliver group cycling coaching for children and adults on the road and track. 

Example sessions:

  • Bike handling & skill development

  • Road race skills, including feeding and riding in convoys

  • Team time trial on road and track

  • Bunch riding, race tactics and simulation

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1:1 coaching fees


Performance  Programme

  • Training Peaks premium account

  • Weekly training programme, adaptable subject to reasonable notice

  • Periodised bespoke Annual Training Plan

  • Detailed feedback in response to athlete feedback via Training Peaks

  • Training zones for power and heart-rate set and regularly reviewed

  • Performance benchmarks and progression tracking 

  • Strength and conditioning support and programming available

  • Unlimited communication

  • Detailed performance analysis reports available

  • Guidance and support for race calendar and in-race strategy

  • Support and guidance with wider aspects of training, including mental training, nutrition, time management, long-term development etc.

  • Coordination with wider support team (e.g. team manager, nutritionist, physio etc.)

£/€ 60 set up fee

£/€ 60 per week or 240 per month


Development Programme

  • Training Peaks premium account

  • Bimonthly training programme, set based on athlete availability in Training Peaks

  • Periodised bespoke Annual Training Plan

  • Detailed feedback in response to athlete feedback via Training Peaks

  • Training zones for power and heart-rate set and regularly reviewed

  • Performance benchmarks and progression tracking 

  • 1 hour or 2 x 30 minutes face time per month + email communication

£/€ 60 set up fee

£/€ 35 per week or 150 per month



​1:1 video call or in-person consultation to discuss and advise on training and racing


£/€ 90 per hour for initial session

£/€ 60 per hour follow-up sessions


Talent Scholarship

Subsidised performance coaching for internationally competitive endurance athletes.

Up to 50 % of fees covered, subject to means testing.